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Zoltan Melczer

East Brunswick, NJ
  • Zoltan Melczer in the photo 1

I had a right hip revision done 11/8/2006 that required a revision done on 10/11/2007. Both procedures were done by the same local surgeon at a local hospital. But the pain never ceased and by the summer of 2013, it became so chronic that I stopped almost physical activity unless absolutely essential.

In the advice of my wife and a local allergy physician, I investigated HSS online and selected Dr. Bostrom. I then scheduled an appointment and at our consultation, he explained the cause behind the chronic pain and told me "...but I can fix this". And he did exactly that on 9/12/13. One year later, I am pain free, hitting golf balls further than I ever have, doing regular physical workouts......virtually anything......AND WITH NO PAIN WHATSOEVER.

I am eternally grateful to Dr. Bostrom. He gave me back a quality of life I never thought I would have again. And HSS is a hospital that has no equal! It is a magnificent facility providing compassionate healthcare that is unequaled anywhere! My sincerest THANK YOU to everyone at HSS who helped in my recovery. HSS you are a showcase for what all hospitals should strive to become!