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Zeina Zeidan

Beirut, Lebanon
  • Zeina Zeidan in the photo 1

In this review I would like to express my gratitude towards the excellence I’ve witnessed at the Hospital for Special Surgery. I was an international patient who did an extensive search prior to electing to have my surgery at your hospital. It was very important for me to feel secure with my choice, as this was the third time I would undergo the same surgery. My case was very complicated and there were many risks involved. As you can imagine I was very anxious and worried about traveling to a different country in order to be operated on. When I came across the reviews for the hospital I was impressed, however, what inspired me to write this letter was the doctor who handled my case. Due to complications from my previous surgery, this surgery would be extremely risky to perform. If it were not for him, I’m not sure I would have had such a great outcome. Dr. Geoffrey H. Westrich took on my case and made certain to address my fears every step of the way. He showed great compassion, care, and professionalism from the moment that I met him. He wanted me to feel comfortable and secure before and after my surgery. For the first time I can say I felt like everything would go well. I had confidence in Dr. Westrich and believe I could not have made a better choice. I am extremely grateful that he worked on my case. If it were not for his expertise, and the assistance of the vascular surgeon, I may not have been writing this letter today. It is easy to find physicians all over the world, but it is not often that you can find someone whose work is driven by genuine compassion. Dr. Westrich deserves to be recognized for his selfless patient oriented approach. When you are a foreign patient in a new place the amount of worries you can have about a surgery are truly endless. Dr. Westrich took the time to make sure that all of my worries were addressed and never once made me feel like a burden for having a multitude of questions. I appreciate that his heart lies in the safety of his patients and am eternally thankful that he was my doctor. He has touched my life by giving me the opportunity to experience such professionalism and compassion. I believe Dr. Westrich sets the standard for excellence in patient care and would like to once again extend my gratitude.