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Zach Okin

New York, NY
  • Zach Okin in the photo 1

About two years ago, I started to feel pain in my lower left leg when playing tennis or exercising. The pain got worse over time, and most people suggested that I was developing shin splints. Dr. Fealy and Vinny quickly diagnosed it as compartment syndrome and the tests confirmed that I had it on both legs. Following their advice, I opted for the surgery on both legs and it has changed my life. I had forgotten what it was like to walk short distances without feeling any pain.

The entire process was extremely smooth and thanks to Dr. Fealy and his team, I am now able to play tennis and regularly work out without feeling a bit of pain. I was hesitant to do the surgery for quite a while, but Dr. Fealy helped to guide me and reassure me throughout the process and I am so grateful. It has truly been life-changing and I am so thankful for such a fast and incredible recovery. Thank you Dr. Fealy, Vinny, and the rest of the HSS Staff!