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Yvonne Wu

Metuchen, NJ
  • Yvonne Wu in the photo 1
  • Yvonne Wu in the photo 2

I have always enjoyed running, but a severely sprained ankle completely stopped me in my tracks. Despite months of using a walking cast and physical therapy, I still had a limited range of motion, joint instability, and both sharp and dull chronic pain in the joint. I went to several foot & ankle doctors, and they all recommended different (surgical) procedures. However, Dr. Andrew Elliott’s approach seemed the most logical, the least invasive, and very straight forward. He really eased my pre-surgical fears with his bedside manner and his clear answers to my questions. Sixteen months after my initial injury, he performed arthroscopic surgery to clean out my ankle joint. Since then, I’ve been able to return to running without pain. In fact, I completed my first marathon this year. Not only did I achieve my goal time, but my ankle did not bother me through the miles and miles of training!

I'm so thankful that I had a great experience with Dr. Elliott and his medical team. More long distance races are definitely on my agenda, and I have Dr. Elliott and his staff to thank for my ability to continue running.