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Yukiji Fujimoto

New Hyde Park, NY
  • Yukiji Fujimoto in the photo 1

In May 2014, I ran a half marathon in Brooklyn, NY and injured my right knee. As a person who is always active and enjoys playing tennis and golf, I needed to find the right doctor who could get me back in the game. As an employee of the hospital, I researched many doctors. I contacted Dr. Marci Goolsby's office from the Women's Sports Medicine Center. In my first appointment with her, she really took the time to evaluate me and told me things about my knees that I never knew. Dr. Goolsby is a wonderful and caring doctor. She recommended I go to physical therapy. My rehab was done at the Sports Medicine and Performance Center with Andrea Tychanski. Andrea taught me all the proper techniques to strengthen my knees. Thank you Dr. Goolsby and Andrea for getting me back to all the activities I really love to do.