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Youness Azzat

New York, NY
  • Youness Azzat in the photo 1

I have been living with hip osteoarthritis with bone trauma for half of my life. After two surgeries back in 1997, I lived a fairly active life for the next 23 years. But inevitably, the leg deformation, the femur and the pelvis were glued together, and my leg was short by almost 3.5 centimeters if not more. It started getting more and more obvious, and my whole body was being deformed, walking and standing became a daily experience.

Dr. Leali, the Medical Director of the Adult Ambulatory Care Center at Hospital for Special Surgery, looked at the initial x-rays and MRI of my hip and confirmed that surgery can be done, but because of years of wear, deformation and degeneration of the joint, it is likely to be a very complex case. He assured me that there was a surgeon at HSS who was an expert in technically complex cases and if mine can be done, Dr. Jonathan Vigdorchik is the man.

I was assured that whatever the course of action was, I would receive the best care possible. Dr. Vigdorchik and his technical team worked out a plan to reconstruct my hip in one move (robotic surgery). He and his clinical team did a truly astonishing job. It’s a real game changer.

When I woke up from surgery, I didn’t feel pain in my leg. And the incision discomfort was nothing compared to the pain I had been living with for many years prior to surgery. I also was able to get up with minimal help and do most things for myself.

I went home from the hospital on the third day following surgery, and within a week, I felt good enough to go out with friends for coffee. Ten days after surgery, I drove the car alone for the first time. My family and friends were amazed that I was able to do so many of my usual activities so soon after surgery and that I could move at a fairly fast pace when I walked with the aid of my cane for support. 

Thank you Dr. Vigdorchik for getting me Back in the Game.