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William Holcombe

East Sandwich, MA
  • William Holcombe in the photo 1
  • William Holcombe in the photo 2

I came to HSS some 15 years ago as my ankles were literally falling apart due to old basketball injuries and arthritis. At that time Dr. Ellis advised me to wait until things were so bad I couldn't function to get the recommended replacement(s). That time came in 2016. By that time I couldn't keep up with my family, take a modest hill, or play tennis at a fraction of what I had even a few years prior. And I was in constant pain.

Dr. Ellis replaced my right ankle first in September of 2016. He also performed extensive repairs to my stretched out/dysfunctional Brostrom ligaments and corrected for my overly high arches. Recovery went well. Next came the left ankle in October of 2017. This time Dr. Ellis and his team not only replaced the ankle, but they also removed an excruciatingly painful tailor bunion and removed some bone from my heel, placing two screws in each location.

Now nearly two years later my life has been transformed in terms of mobility. I can mow our lawn, walk with my family, and play tennis at a level objectively higher than I have for over 15 years. Now that I can compete reasonably on the courts I have a whole new set of old guy annoying injuries to deal with - and I'll take them. And best of all my pain levels have subsided to the point where I take less pain medication than I did before the two surgeries.

I want to give full credit to Dr. Ellis and his team for my restored active life. I'm known on Cape Cod by the old guys who knew me before as the miracle man on the tennis courts because of my new ability to move and secure a base have enabled. I now consult regularly with other locals who have ankle problems and tell them if things get bad enough and they need the world's best, see Dr Ellis and his team at HSS.

Bill Holcombe

East Sandwich, MA