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William Connell

Roseland, NJ
  • William Connell in the photo 1

Dr. Rodriguez replaced both of my knees in 2012. I was playing full rounds of golf 30 days after surgery. Dr. Martin O'Malley replaced my left ankle at HSS in 2016 and I was playing golf in 60 days. Dr. Rodriguez performed an anterior left hip replacement on December 3, 2018. I used a walker for 4 days, a cane for 2 days and was back to work one week following surgery. I stopped taking pain relievers ten days after surgery. At the time of my 6 week post-operation appointment, I had no pain, no discomfort, no swelling, and no restrictions. I was walking 2 miles per day and performing exercises daily to enhance my balance. I am working on my short game in golf, but Dr. Rodriguez has instructed me not to take full golf swings for 3 months, which I am adhering to, notwithstanding I feel well enough to resume full swings. Dr. Rodriguez, Dr. O'Malley, their physician assistants, their office staffs, and the HSS nurses and staff are first class. I continue to recommend their services to all friends requiring orthopedic surgeries.