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Wendy Levey

New York, NY
  • Wendy Levey in the photo 1
  • Wendy Levey in the photo 2

Talk about a game changer!! I have had many surgeries on my feet, and they have resulted in arthritis, neuromas and various other issues. Luckily, someone said I should go see Dr. Positano. That was the best day of my life! While I had had dozens of orthotics made for me over the years, none were done from an engineering point of view-how I walked and what my step looked like, which he analyzes on a computer. Dr. Positano made orthotics for me and after wearing them in my sneakers, flats AND high heels the neuromas disappeared and so did my hammer toe issues. I have even sent Dr. Positano pictures of a broken toe from Italy to confirm treatment and my own diagnosis!

I see Dr. Positano on a regular basis for various foot issues (broken toes, stress fractures, Achiles heel strains) and his treatments always help. His office is well run and responsive and the care is superb. I easily recommend Dr. Positano to friends and strangers with bad feet once a month and they are always grateful. I’m sure I’m not the first to say it, but Rock rocks!!! He is generous in all senses of the word, whether it is help with getting appointments for other HSS doctors or seeing a friend of mine who has an issue or being a good friend.