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Wayne Olson

Tillson, NY
  • Wayne Olson in the photo 1
  • Wayne Olson in the photo 2

I am in my mid-sixties and had been experiencing constant issues with pain in my left hip and lower back for several years. I have been an avid motorcycle enthusiast and Judo practitioner for most of my life, but the pain was definitely infringing on the things I liked to do. In early 2020 I made an appointment with Dr. Allan E. Inglis, Jr. at HSS for an examination and recommendations. He looked at the x-rays with me and it was clear that a hip replacement was in order. I was really pleased with his interactive nature, and he made sure to ask me my thoughts on what is a significant surgery. I laid out my two requirements - I had to be able to continue to participate in Judo and to continue to enjoy my motorcycles, including taking trips for several days on them. Dr. Inglis told me that if all went well I would be back doing all the things I really enjoyed in life. I had surgery at HSS in early February and I was truly pleased with the professionalism and the level of care that I received. In a few weeks I was walking several miles daily and by three months I had been cleared to ride my motorcycles with due caution, as Dr. Inglis put it. I continued my recovery and at the five month mark I was able to to do a 1400 mile motorcycle ride from Florida to New York with no ill effects. One month later Dr. Inglis cleared me to return to Judo and to resume my normal lifestyle. I recently followed up with my one year "anniversary" exam and the results continue to be great. I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the care that I received from Dr. Inglis and his staff. Every visit is like stopping in to see a good friend, and I am still impressed with his doctor-patient interactive nature. From the surgery he performed at HSS to the follow-up care I received, I could not be happier, and the results speak for themselves. Dr. Inglis and HSS really did get me "Back in the Game".