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Wayne Mirabella

Saint James, NY
  • Wayne Mirabella in the photo 1

I am a patient of Dr. Ciccone’s and he has been helping me manage the pain I am experiencing from lower lumbar disc issues. In 2021, I had a spacer put in my back between the L5 and S1, which fused the discs. However, this apparently put pressure on the L4 and L5 discs, which also showed degeneration.

Dr. Ciccone clearly explained my options and recommended epidural injections to alleviate the pain, which ran from my lower left back all the way down my left leg. The day of the procedure, Dr. Ciccone explained in detail every step as well as what physical sensations I would experience. Once in the OR, Dr Ciccone told me exactly what he was doing, frequently checking with me that I was OK and ready for the next step.

Happily, each step went exactly as he described including my body’s responses. The first pair of injections alleviated my back pain enabling me to re-engage with activities that had previously proved troublesome. Today (04-10-3024) he performed a second epidural hoping to alleviate some of the pain running down my leg.

I am very impressed with Dr. Ciccone’s skills and his commitment in keeping the patient apprised of every step of the procedure as it is being performed. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ciccone; he is an excellent doctor.