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Warren Frank

Brooklyn, NY
  • Warren Frank in the photo 1
  • Warren Frank in the photo 2

Dear Dr. Hansen,

It was almost a year ago that we met in the middle of the night at NYP-ER. I have finally found the words to thank you. That night you saved my leg and now I walk without any visible sign of my accident and without any pain. I am still improving strength and balance with physical therapy. More important to me is that I believe you saved my life.

While saving lives may be routine once a week work for you, for me it is very specific. The fact that you were there in the middle of the night with all those skills and talent to help me was beyond lucky for me. You deserve a huge amount of self satisfaction for the implementation of your skills.

I also learned that you are a nice man, kind and generous, which are also attributes to be proud of. I think your family is very fortunate.

I just wanted to sing your praises for a few moments and let you know that I will be forever grateful.


Warren Frank