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Wallace Mohlenbrok

  • Wallace Mohlenbrok in the photo 1

My experience at HSS was very smooth. Dr. Gregory DiFelice and all other staff were comforting and had great bedside manners. It is one year since I had my surgery and I am back to lifting weights, doing yoga and running. At age 53 - trying an alternative approach offered by Dr. DiFelice seemed radical. I am so so grateful I chose him. Many of my friends have had ACL ruptures, many younger than me, yet their recovery was much more difficult and longer. I wish his solution of repairing the existing ligament was offered always. Dr. Gregory DiFelice thinks outside of the box - he is a healer and a genius. I hope his method spreads. My friends wish they had had this type of ACL repair offered to them. Two days ago I did 20 box jumps on a two foot tall box, back barbell squats and ran a mile. This year I also got a 200 hour yoga certification. I am so grateful to be able to move this much at my age. Thank you Dr. DiFelice and HSS.