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Waimen Sanchez

Astoria, NY
  • Waimen Sanchez in the photo 1
  • Waimen Sanchez in the photo 2
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I broke my collarbone in several places after taking a hard fall from my electric longboard. I initially saw another orthopedic surgeon, but his empathy left something to be desired. Upon getting a second opinion with Dr. DiFelice, I knew I had come to the right doctor. His team took exceptional care of me and Dr. DiFelice took the time to explain my options and recommend surgery as the best course of action.

It took two plates and 13 screws to repair my collarbone. After seven weeks in a sling and with his team’s recommendation on a physical therapist; I can wholeheartedly say I’m Back in the Game!

Thank you Dr. DiFelice and the folks at HSS for the care, patience and humor during my recovery.