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Vivian Jett

Brooklyn, NY
  • Vivian Jett in the photo 1

Mid-December 2018 I had my first knee replacement. Let me tell you, I was scared. After entering HSS, I was met with the most professional group of individuals. From the security force to the medical professionals, I was immediately put at ease. I understood the pertinent information that they shared with me. In 62 years, I had never had any surgeries or any reason to go to a hospital. My job for over 33 years was developing recreation programs to fit the need of a community. I am also a singer and actress who moves very well on stage. Mid-May 2019 I had my 2nd knee replacement, and I was ready for my next surgery. Six weeks later I was in rehearsal for this summers production of "Hercules" at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. 8 weeks later I was performing on the same stage for 2300 patrons a night under the stars for two weeks. My knees felt no pain, and I was doing what I do best - performing again. Thank you Dr. Mayman and HSS.