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Vincent Annunziata

Sea Bright, NJ
  • Vincent Annunziata in the photo 1
  • Vincent Annunziata in the photo 2

This is not my story. I am sharing the story of my once little boy name Vincent. A little boy full of bravery and courage who had many complex orthopedic reconstruction surgeries from as little as Two years old. Who is blossoming into a fine young man. An inspiration to others and a leader amongst his peers. Over the years along side this little boy, was one man who has changed his life forever. Because of this man, our family will always remember that through any storm you can find your rainbow, that through any of your doubts you can find your hope. And when you think you are traveling through your most difficult obstacles in life you have the opportunity to find the most amazing humanitarians along the way. This is how we feel about Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch and Hospital for Special Surgery. Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch is our friend, our rainbow after the storm. He came through for us like shining colors. To see his smiling face many times over the years come out and keep us posted during our son’s surgeries and procedures was always the moment of hope we waited for. Alongside this road we traveled with Dr. Rozbruch was also his helpful kind and wonderful staff, and must I not forget our kind and caring friends in Radiology. Along with the amazing administration at Hospital for Special Surgery who assisted us so generously that words could never express what they did or could have ever dreamed that a big hospital would have such a big heart. But they truly all are healers and they truly are all dedicated to making lives better and getting everyone Back in the Game. We have been truly blessed. Thank you so much. The Annunziata Family, Sea Bright NJ.