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Vincent Angelico

White Plains, NY
  • Vincent Angelico in the photo 1

For years I had pain and stiffness in my left hip, which made it extremely difficult to hop over the boards while playing ice hockey. After visits with multiple other physicians, it wasn’t until I saw Dr. Ranawat, that I was able to get a diagnosis to my chronic hip pain.

Dr. Ranawat showed how I developed bone spurs on my hip that needed to be shaved down to get my range of motion back to normal, as well as repair a torn labrum to address the chronic hip pain and oncoming arthritis.

Dr Ranawat and my physical therapist Michelle Shafiro developed a plan to restrengthen my hips and get my balance corrected to get me back on the ice. Almost a year later and I’m back to skating pain-free, a feeling I haven’t had in over 4 years!