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Victor Titone

East Northport, NY
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In 2016, at the age of 19, I developed multiple stress fractures on my L5-S1 vertebrae causing me constant pain and discomfort. Normal routine activities like walking around, bending and twisting became a physical and mental burden due to this injury. I rested my back for months, attempted physical therapy, and other proposed solutions to heal this injury. Going into my junior year of Maritime College in the Bronx where I lived an active lifestyle, playing lacrosse and running recreationally, I was concerned for my potential to continue these activities.

I sought out the professional help of Dr. James Farmer at Hospital for Special Surgery, who immediately developed a thorough plan of action to help my situation. Dr. Farmer explained the specific aspects of the procedure to me, his professionalism and attention to detail was comforting. Immediately after the surgery I was immobile due to the severity of the procedure. The HSS PT staff helped me get back on my feet, start to walk, and do some movement exercises.

Without the professional help and guidance of all of those involved at HSS and my family, I would not be at the point I am at today. I'm proud to say that I am now an avid runner and compete in marathons and ultra-distance events. I was able to rebuild a physical foundation through trust in the procedure and level of care that I experienced at HSS.

I would love to one day represent the hospital through racing to share the following message with others:

Despite injury or physical issues, no human is limited! HSS will get you back on your feet and set you up for success.

All the best,