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Vicki Windman

New York, NY

My story began in 2013 with Dr. Bryan Kelly. He was able to diagnose a gluteus medius tear after 2 years of suffering. Dr. Kelly and his NP Dante Reyes were extremely attentive to my needs and helped me get back to work in 9 months after being out of work for 2 years. Every time I go back for a check up I am greeted as though I am part of the the HSS family.

In September of 2015, I fell. Dr. Kelly recommended that I see Dr. Vladmir Kramskiy. He was absolutely wonderful as this pain was not an exact science. After 2 MRI's a CT scan he concluded that I may be a good candidate for Radio Frequency Ablation. Following the procedure Dr. Kramskiy wanted to make sure I was okay. Every visit he spent time asking questions making sure I was okay. He has been monitoring my pain with trigger point injections. Over the last 6 months I feel as though we are finally heading in the right direction. I believe Dr. Kramskiy's patience has led me in the right direction.

I am forever grateful to the office staff at both Dr. Kelly and Dr. Kramskiy's offices. I never felt like I burdened the staff. They were always more than helpful.

Dr. Kelly and Dr. Kramskiy thank you!