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Vicki Kritsovas

Fairfield, CT
  • Vicki Kritsovas in the photo 1
  • Vicki Kritsovas in the photo 2

I tore my left hamstring tendon, completely detaching it from the bone while sprinting. Despite the pain, bruising and impaired mobility, I did not seek medical attention until about 10 days later. Being a physician I thought I had it under control and that it was just a bad muscle strain.

When I did decide to seek care, I chose HSS knowing the reputation of the institution. I initially saw Dr. Ryan Lingor, a non-operative orthopedic specialist, who strongly advised an MRI to look for avulsion. As soon as the MRI results came in, I was contacted and instructed to immediately call Dr. Nawabi‘s office for surgery. That was Friday morning, and I saw Dr. Nawabi first thing Monday morning. He explained everything and scheduled the surgery, jointly with Dr. Fufa, who would handle the sciatic nerve portion.

I am now 2 days post-op, having been discharged yesterday from HSS. My pain is minimal, my crutch walking technique is improving, and I have had great instruction from my physician, my nurses in ambulatory surgery, and the physical therapy team that worked with me in the hospital.

I have been so impressed throughout this entire process. I have worked in hospitals as a physician for over 20 years. HSS sets the standard toward which all hospitals strive.