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Vernetta Wimberly

Riverdale, NJ
  • Vernetta Wimberly in the photo 1

Dr. Seth Jerabek changed my life completely. I was suffering from severe arthritis in both hips, to the point where I had no mobility at all. It was very difficult to even drive my car. I was unable to sit, stand or walk for any prolonged period. All this happening during COVID and I was unable to see a way out. I was not feeling good about anything but really tried to remain positive. One of my neighbors is a surgery educator and told me about Dr. Jerabek and in a matter of 3 weeks I was scheduled for surgery for my first hip. I regained mobility but I had to get the other hip done. Three months later I was scheduled for my second hip. My family has a history of arthritis so my daughter (who also suffered from hip arthritis) saw my success and scheduled her replacement with Dr. Jerabek. Success again! She is so happy with her results. Then my daughter's Dad saw our success and scheduled his first replacement and later his second replacement! Dr. Jerabek has changed the life of my family and I am so so grateful for giving us a new lease on life. I share this story wherever I go because for me it was miracle work. Dr. Jerabek is the G.O.A.T and I would recommend him to anyone that is suffering from hip pain and in need of a replacement. Thank you Dr. Jerabek, your team of professionals and HSS for an outstanding experience. Your team's treatment and attentiveness was impeccable!