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Valerie Wood

Hopewell Junction, NY
  • Valerie Wood in the photo 1

When I first started seeing Dr. Barsoum in the summer of 2020, I was having a great deal of pain and stiffness in my back that made it very difficult to walk for any length if time. Dr. Barsoum led me through a series of procedures and injections to address the issues causing me to be nearly immobile. I am now able to walk more than a mile every day and have been able to resume so many activities that I had not been able to do in quite a long time. In September 2023, I was able to take a trip to Iceland where I walked an average of 15,000-20,000 steps a day, ten times what I could do before her treatment. I was able to walk up to and climb up behind this waterfall. Thank you Dr. Barsoum for helping to get me back to the things I love to do!