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Valerie Gilbert

New York, NY
  • Valerie Gilbert in the photo 1

I had a bike accident 7 years ago. At the time, my insurance coverage was ending so I only got an x-ray, which showed no breaks. But my knee was the size of a cantaloupe, and it made crunching noises which did not feel right. I'm very active with roller blades, bicycle, tap dance, gym classes, and hip hop. The injury put a definite cramp in my style. I felt insecure about what was really going on inside, as my knee was unstable. When I got coverage again, I finally got an MRI which showed a complex tear at the medial meniscus. I was a perfect candidate for arthroscopic surgery. A friend of mine, an assistant D.A. said he had the best knee doctor in the world. When he told a colleague in his office (Nassau county) she argued that she had the best knee doctor. Turned out they were both right. They were both referring to Dr. Riley J. Williams III. Having had him now for my arthroscopic surgery, I can concur with the duo. He's the best. A year later (frankly, shortly thereafter) I was biking, tap dancing and rollerblading once again. Hospital for Special Surgery is at the top of their game. It was a pleasure being there. I'm grateful to Dr. Williams and everyone at the hospital.

I'm an author and teacher, but I need to get my exercise!