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Urboshi Pal

New York, NY
  • Urboshi Pal in the photo 1

Whether it's hiking, running or kayaking, I have always loved the outdoors. So I was disappointed to learn that my minor ski accident last winter had resulted in a complete tear of my ACL. As I prepared for the long and difficult journey of surgery and rehabilitation, I couldn't help but think about how I'd be missing out on a summer full of outdoor activity. It was also the summer before I started business school, and I wanted to enjoy my last few months of freedom before returning to graduate school. Dr. Nawabi and his team at HSS reassured me that I'd be back to my favorite physical activities in no time, and I decided to stay hopeful.

However during my surgery, my MCL, which had been weakened by the accident, tore as well. I awoke from my surgery to learn that I had not one, but two ligament repairs done. While there were no significant implications to my recovery timeline, I'd have to be more conservative in my physical therapy. I was completely unprepared and devastated. My return to physical activity seemed farther than ever!

Dr. Nawabi worked closely with my physical therapist to make sure that I came back from my surgery stronger than ever. His team was there for every question, big or small. Their support inspired me to push harder in each session, and their unparalleled experience made me trust their judgment and adhere to the guidelines they gave me.

Each follow-up seemed to get better than the last. After 6 months, I started business school and resumed a normal routine. Before I knew it, I was closing in on a year. I had planned a spring break trip to Peru with my friends from business school, and happened to be hiking Machu Picchu in the very week that I had surgery the year prior. After consulting with Dr. Nawabi, I felt strong enough to take on the adventure.

Hiking Machu Picchu was one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life. To be able to do so only a year after my ACL/MCL surgery at Hospital for Special Surgery was unimaginable. Dr. Nawabi and his team went above and beyond their promise to have me return to outdoor activities. I couldn't be happier with the experience I had. I look forward to many more years of climbing mountains!