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Tyler Trapani

Syosset, NY
  • Tyler Trapani in the photo 1
  • Tyler Trapani in the photo 2

Our son was 13 when he was diagnosed with scoliosis and his curve was approaching 60%. My wife and I, as you could imagine, were devastated to have to have our oldest child go through this surgery. He was a promising athlete in both basketball and volleyball. I am in the healthcare field so I was able to do research and ask other doctor who you would recommend to do this procedure. We were recommend to Dr. Widmann and in January 2013 we went for our first consult in the White Plains office. Shortly after that, we had the surgery in March 2013. The surgery went well and Tyler was up and about very quickly, he was happy because he actually grew an inch. He was determined to get back to his athletic career so he was very diligent to do all the necessary walking and all post visits to HSS went well. He was given a full bill of health in June 2013 to go back to basketball with no restrictions. He actually made a senior team for basketball in the 9th grade. Fast forward two year's and he is 6'5" tall and 200 lbs. of solid muscle and is the a prominent player on both teams. As I look back I am so proud of how he handled the surgery and the care he got at HSS to continue what he loves to do. If he ever needed a sport related procedure the HSS would be the only place I would consider for Tyler or my other two children.