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Tyler Mulvihill

Mastic, NY

I couldn't believe being told by Dr. Finger that he never thought I would run again. Shocked momentarily, until his assistant walks in the room with a phone number next to the name Coleman, I was told to call as soon as i got home to call the number for this Dr. and schedule an appointment. After contacting Dr. Coleman's office I was told he doesn't participate in this insurance and was transferred to the office of Dr. Anil Ranawat. It wasn't until after I made my appointment that I realized that I was going to Hospital For Special Surgery.

As I met with Dr. Ranawat i started to realize the severity of my injury, I knew I was in a lot of pain but I didn't realize my body was compensating for the worse from my hip. This injury caused weakness and numbness to my right knee which prolonged the correct diagnosis, I also learned that because of this injury my gait changed, causing my back to weaken and injure. After meeting with Dr. Ranawat and everyone in his office, I felt comfortable about having the surgery. Everyone at the hospital is awesome and create a great atmosphere.

I have and will still recommend HSS to anyone I meet that needs surgery and is scared. I do this because I feel that Hospital for Special Surgery is the most sophisticated, intelligent, professional, caring, personalized, environment that I have ever been in. Thank you Dr. Ranawat, Rachael, James, Ana, Renee and everyone at the hospital, for giving me use of my right leg again, and being able to run!