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Trudy Carson

New York, NY
  • Trudy Carson in the photo 1
  • Trudy Carson in the photo 2

I am thrilled with my new knees! Both of them!! I’m also thrilled with my brilliant surgeon Alexander McLawhorn, his fine staff & the consistently wonderful care I received at HSS.

I’m from Donora, PA & I came to NYC (the same week I graduated from high school) - to dance. I had a long career (at least for a dancer) as a Broadway & television/film dancer. My first job was as a Radio City Music Hall Rockette!

I love to dance so much & was sure I would always be able to continue my classes & still be dancing for the pure joy of it -into my late seventies & maybe even even beyond!

But severe arthritis got to the point of making any movement of my knees really unpleasant. I’m 78 now - back in class (on Zoom, unfortunately, but better than nothing) with pain-free knees!!

And best of all - the whole process was not nearly as painful as I had anticipated! I will always be very grateful to Dr. McLawhorn & HSS!