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Tracie Farnan

Wilmington, DE
  • Tracie Farnan in the photo 1

In late August 2016, I fell when I was running. There was no break or torn ligaments. I was put in a boot and cast off and on for 4 months. Then I started rehab. In September 2017, it was decided by another doctor I needed surgery. Immediately after the surgery my ankle still did not feel right. I was unable to walk to the copier at work without pain. I went to a number of doctors and no one could find the problem. They all told me to give it time.

Finally in August of 2018 (2 years post-injury, 1 year post-op from a different doctor), I decided to research and find the best doctor I could. I came across Dr. Levine at HSS. During the first 5 minutes of my appointment, he looked at my x-ray and pinpointed the exact point of my pain. He suggested I get an MRI and then he would order targeted injections because surgery is not his first step. However, after reviewing my MRI, he saw that my ankle was encased in scar tissue. I was immediately scheduled for my second ankle surgery.

I had one appointment with him and the next time I met him was on my surgery day. I was nervous to say the least. Everyone at the surgical center and in his office was so kind and helpful. The surgery went very well.

I am now one year post-op with Dr. Levine. I am back to running again, which I never thought I would be able to do.

Traveling to New York and seeing Dr. Levine honestly changed my life. I walk and run pain-free, which would have never happened without Dr. Levine. I am so grateful for him and his staff for putting me back together.