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Tomas Hoyos

New York, NY
  • Tomas Hoyos in the photo 1

Dr. Shetty is as capable and supportive a physician as one will encounter. Due to her world-class medical care, treatment plan, and support, I have recovered fully from my injuries and am Back in the Game!

I saw Dr. Shetty after sustaining two concussions while playing varsity lacrosse at Harvard. Following those injuries, I experienced various post-concussive symptoms: headaches, migraines, and difficulty focusing, reading, and sleeping, among others. Dr. Shetty diagnosed me with post-concussion syndrome (PCS), created an effective treatment plan, and set up follow-up appointments to monitor my progress. Dr. Shetty also communicated with coaches, trainers, and school administrators to update them on my progress and to ensure I had a well-informed support system during my recovery. I am 100% recovered and feel great!

The six months following my concussions were very difficult. I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Shetty for her world-class medical care, guidance, and support during that time. I am fortunate to have received care from such an excellent physician. Thank you, Dr. Shetty and HSS!