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Tom Schultz

Chatham, NJ
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I am excited to report that after only three months post-op, I am Back in the Game!

I am 56 years old and have been running since I was 18. My running was motivated mostly by a desire to live a healthy lifestyle, manage weight and enjoy the outdoors. I picked up the desire for distance running in my mid-20s and challenged myself to run the NYC Marathon, which I did in 1988, 90 & 92. Ever since, I have maintained an active running schedule to support a yearly 1/2 marathon in places like Pittsburgh and Atlantic City. Back in August 2019, I felt an ongoing soreness in my left knee after an 8 mile run. I took a week off but the pain returned immediately and more sharply, I knew something was wrong.

In September I visited Dr. Andreas Gomoll at HSS and he diagnosed the problem as torn and detached meniscus. In October I had a root repair surgery of my meniscus in my left knee. Within a few weeks I was able to begin physical therapy. I was diligent in taking care of my knee before and after surgery and the team at HSS made the entire process run smoothly and ensured I had all necessary supplies/instructions ready at each step along the way.


The team followed up immediately after surgery to see how things were going and answer any questions I had. My recovery has been faster and better than expected. I was walking completely pain-free right on the schedule they outlined in their recovery plan and my recovery continues on plan. Thanks to Dr. Gomoll and HSS, just three months post-op I am now golfing, walking long distances, and climbing stairs just as I did prior to injury. Running is still in my future as I continue the healing process, though on a more modified routine going forward (there are lots of miles on both knees!). I'm confident that without HSS, my injury would have progressed to the point of needing a full knee replacement and a permanently less active lifestyle. I couldn't recommend HSS more strongly. A big shout out to Dr. Gomoll, Terry, Angel, Chutney and the whole HSS team! And if they recommend the ice machine post-op, GET IT! It helps.