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Tom Morookian

Fort Myers, FL

This is the BEST facility with super nice/efficient people. Really worth the trip from Florida just for the surgery!

A laminectomy (L-3 L-4) in 1980 took me from a 10 pain level to a level of 3. On a bad day, after golf, I typically was a level 4 or 5. I tolerated this for 34 years but the pain level got to 5-6 in 2015. I had given up golf in 2014 and still had no pain relief.

On the recommendation of a relative who earlier had back surgery at HSS by Dr. Cammisa, I flew up from Florida for a consultation. Dr. Cammisa analysed X-Rays and an MRI, and he proposed a second laminectomy on L-3 to L-4 to clean up the original surgery.

I did the surgery in July of 2016. Three months later my pain level was down to 2-3. After 5 months my pain level was down to 1-2. Just about ready to try golf when a hernia popped up (out) in October. Fixed that in November and I plan to hit the golf course in December.

HSS and Dr. Cammisa are SUPER. So was Alice. Thanks.