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Tom Magaldi

Fairfield, CT
  • Tom Magaldi in the photo 1

As an athlete, a hospital is the last place you want to be because it often means you are injured. But if you have to visit a hospital for a sports injury, Hospital for Special Surgery is the ONLY place you want to be.

I have had my fair share of injuries. Most, including facet joint sprain, separated shoulder, and calf strain where fixed thanks to the phenomenal care from the HSS Sports Rehab team.

In 2019, my luck ran out. I required two surgeries in 4 months. In April, Dr. Daluski and his team treated cubital tunnel syndrome with ulnar nerve release surgery at the amazing Ambulatory Care Center on 65th St. After some time, I am feeling great thanks to their care.

In July 2019, after a referral from Dr. John DiFiori, Dr. Anil Ranawat conducted an FAI correction and labral repair in my right hip. Dr. Ranawat and his PA, MaryClaire Pelletier, were absolutely amazing. They ensured that I exhausted all conservative options first. When I elected for the surgery, they were professional, knowledgeable, and comforting. After extensive help from the miracle working PTs, Jennifer Heberton and Michele Cilenti, I am finally feeling 100%. They were extremely patient and receptive to my needs. They also answered all of my questions during the shutdown due to COVID-19. Recently, I received excellent care from Dr. Nicholas Sgrignoli at HSS Stamford for a wrist injury.

Thanks to the HSS team, I am back playing with my kids and exercising. Thank you, Jenn, Michele, MaryClaire, and Drs. DiFiori, Ranawat, Daluski, and Sgrignoli!