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Tom Kelly

Westwood, NJ

In June 2011, I had a right total knee replacement done at a medial center in northern NJ. Despite my diligence in doing everything asked of me in PT, my knee failed to rehabilitate. At 11 weeks post op, a manipulation was performed at the same hospital and I spent the following 7 weeks, 5 hours per day using a cpm machine and attending PT 3 times per week, all to no avail. six and one half months post op, in early January, 2012, the surgeon performed a synovial fluid aspiration which was positive for a staph infection. At this point, I sought a second opinion. A friend put me in touch with Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez Delle Valle at HSS, who saw me immediately when he learned that I had an infected knee. Right from my first meeting with Dr. Della Valle I knew I was in good hands. He repeated the aspiration and explained in detail what needed to be done. I was fast tracked on the OR schedule, met with Dr. Mary K who saw me every day while I was an inpatient, and the revision was begun. The prosthesis was removed, articulating spacers inserted and a Picc line placed. I was begun on a 6 week regime of powerful IV antibiotics prescribed by infectious disease specialist, Dr. Andy Miller. I should also mention that because of the skill of anesthesiologist, Dr. Danny Maalouf, my newly revised knee was as comfortable as I could reasonable expect. I was one week in HSS, then 5 more weeks at Helen Hayes SNF. Eight weeks later in March, 2012 I returned to Dr. Della Valle, who removed the spacers and inserted a new knee replacement. Within 2 months, I was once again able to walk without pain, and 2 months later was riding my bike several miles. This past May, 2013, I returned to HSS and Dr. Della Valle replaced my other knee. And, again, for the third time, Dr. Maalouf's skill kept me as as comfortable as possible. Here I am, 5 months after my second tkr and I am able to walk 2 miles, play golf and ride a bike. How great is that! The experiences I had with my doctors and everyone I was in contact with at HSS was superior in every way, especially as compared with my first tkr in 2011. Because I was able to access the fine people at HSS, I know that I have had the best outcomes possible. As for my knee surgeon, I am so grateful for being introduced to Dr. Della Valle, who is not only a skilled surgeon but a genuinely nice and good man.