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Tom Ferris

Saint James, NC
  • Tom Ferris in the photo 1
  • Tom Ferris in the photo 2

My story begins with being born with a severe case of bilateral coxa vara 73 years ago and having several osteotomies in my childhood years. These surgeries kept me mobile for six decades. By my mid-sixties, my hips were well past their expiration date and significantly slowing me down. After a few appointments with other orthopedic specialists who chose not to operate on me, I was referred to HSS and Dr. Robert Buly by a friend of the family. It couldn’t have turned out better for me. I have been a surgical patient of Dr Buly’s and HSS for the past 8 years. It is only through the dedication and the expertise of HSS and its staff and specifically Dr. Buly that I can walk for any length of time and put me Back in the Game. Thank you HSS, Dr. Buly, and his team.