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Toby L'Estrange

New York, NY
  • Toby L'Estrange in the photo 1

I fractured my distal radius playing a game of rugby in June this year. It was a complicated injury due to the proximity of the fracture to the wrist and so I was put in touch with Dr. Steve Lee and his team at the HSS. From the moment I saw Dr. Lee I was completely at ease and fully confident in his advise to operate a few days later. I felt very lucky to be part of a methodical and efficient set up. That started with Tom and Jen in Dr. Lee's office, who were extremely friendly and helpful. It included a very well prepared nursing and support staff prior to and following my operation. And of course, it included Dr. Lee's great skill to fix my wrist in a complicated procedure. After 3 months of therapy trying to reestablish the strength and movement in my wrist, I was cleared to start playing again. Two weeks later, I was lucky enough to make my international debut for the United States rugby team on their fall tour of Europe. I have no doubt that I owe a lot of this honor to Dr Lee for his treatment. At all stages he and his team were exceptional and I would have no hesitations in recommending them to anyone who finds themselves in a similar boat.