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Tina Malizia

Seaside Park, NJ
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The Malizia family has been coming to HSS since 1992 under the wonderful care of Dr. Hannafin for many of those years and for us there is no other place we would go! The doctors, nurses, hospital care are more than cutting edge. With the personal care and the attention to detail, you just know that you are in the best possible hands! For several years, I have had knee discomfort and was finding day to day activities (long walks/hikes, climbing stairs, going shopping, playing with granddaughters) being affected by my knee problems. After a few rounds of knee injections and therapy it was felt that I might be a good candidate for a partial knee replacement. I was encouraged to see Dr. Pearle to further evaluate the condition of my knee. I was bone on bone on the interior of my right knee and he felt I fit the criteria for a partial knee replacement and that it would positively impact my quality of life and functioning of my knee. Dr. Pearle performed the procedure in the beginning of December and now three months later my knee strength, stability, ability to climb stairs alternating steps, being able to pivot without pain, walk for longer periods of time have improved dramatically. Post op working hard in therapy and continued exercising and stretching are a vital part of the recovery process and is encouraged to make the most of any partial knee replacement! I am so indebted to Dr. Pearle and staff for helping me feel the relief that I am experiencing now! All the accolades Dr. Pearle and HSS has received are so deserved! Thanks so much!