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Tina Buzak

Syracuse, NY
  • Tina Buzak in the photo 1
  • Tina Buzak in the photo 2
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Dr. Michael Parks replaced my very damaged hip after another surgeon had tried to repair it when I had my bicycling accident. Immediately, my life improved as my pain level went from the top of the chart to not being on the chart and I no longer had to walk with a cane!

Because Dr. Parks advised me not to run on my new hip I began to look for other ways to exercise and to be outdoors. In 2018 I climbed my first high peak in the Adirondacks. The high peaks are 46 mountains that measure near 4,000 or above. They are the highest mountains in NY. I started with Mt. Marcy, the highest. My hip did great (my feet, however, had a LOT of blisters and I could hardly go up or down stairs for 3 days afterwards)! So we had officially been bitten by the hiking bug (before COVID made everyone find outdoor activities). Now 4 summers later I am officially a 46er (it is a real thing!) thanks to Dr. Parks and the staff at HSS, who helped me when things were looking pretty bleak. The view from the top of a mountain is one I never take for granted!