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Tim Millhiser

Madison, CT
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I am very satisfied with my new hips. Dr. Su resurfaced both my hips 2 years apart. The last one was completed 15 months ago. I am a very active Laser sailor, which requires full flexibility and places great strains on the hip. I was able to start sailing 4 months after the operation with some mild caution as my muscles regained their full strength and the last of the swelling subsided. I returned to squash playing after 10 months, which made clear that my sideways strength and my legs ability to push back were still compromised.

After 12 month since my operation, my strength was very good, about 80%, and there were only slight, but still limiting, muscular discomfort. My strength would probably be much better if I had followed a disciplined physical therapy/training program, but for the most part, I have depended on cautiously practicing my sports and a fair amount of house and yard work. I have found that almost daily stretching, self massaging, pressure point with ball/rollers, yoga, etc are crucial to reducing swelling, increasing flexibility and allowing one's strength to increase.

An excellent physical therapist, which are hard to find, has been a key player to address unrelenting swelling, aches and tightness. Then using there guidance for self manipulation, to build on the PT's ability to break the log jamb. Now the muscular discomfort usually is not present. Sitting for a long time - I can spend all day at a desk, is the worst aggravator. I have been stretching and such for more than 10 yrs and will continue to. When I have stopped, I find the soreness and even swelling can return. Much of this has to do with just getting older. I'm 67.