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Tiffani Francisco

New York City, NY
  • Tiffani Francisco in the photo 1

I LOVE HSS! I tore my ACL and MCL while skiing a back bowl in Alta. Fortunately, it happened at the end of the trip. I first met with Dr. Leali for the initial consultation and I was a complete teary-eyed mess. Dr. Leali understood how distraught I was. He took the time to ensure that I understood all of the possibilities. By the end of our visit the tears had turned to optimism and smiles and I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Nawabi.

When I met with Dr. Nawabi I was struck by his kindness, patience and his expertise. He connects to the person behind the injury and is invested in their goals for recovery.

Mind you, I was extremely nervous about having any surgery, yet I knew that in order to keep up with my passions it was necessary to have a stable and strong knee. I love being active: skiing, stand up paddle board, hiking, cycling, yoga, etc.

Dr. Nawabi thoroughly explained the all-in-one ACL reconstruction and the benefits of postponing the surgery to give the MCL a chance to heal. The knee was placed in a brace and the wait was absolutely worth it – the MCL healed completely.

My “new” hamstring ACL is up for ALL of it! Strength and stability to ski with and a perfect range of motion for yoga poses. The photo is an image taken six-months after the surgery! I am even certain that the left knee would even be happy to run a marathon!