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Thomas Veljacic

Port Washington, NY
  • Thomas Veljacic in the photo 1

I had a torn meniscus in my left knee and had put off surgery for approximately ten months. After constant pain when going up and down stairs and swelling after any kind of physical activity I decided to have it surgically repaired. I met Doctor MacGillivray and it was obvious he had enormous experience with this type of injury. I had the surgery done on a Tuesday morning and by Tuesday afternoon I was walking without crutches and going up and down stairs with no assistance at all. I had zero pain and took nothing more that 4 Aleve per day for a few days to reduce swelling and I iced it three times a day. I enjoy 3D archery which requires walking up and down steep hills for 2 to 3 miles. By day 4 I was out on the course and fully expected to only do maybe a half mile and a few stations. To my surprise, I had zero pain and complete confidence in the knee's ability to handle the hills and I wound up doing the entire 2 miles of very steep hills and uneven terrain. No pain at all and zero incremental swelling. I rested one day only because i wanted to be cautious and the next day I did the same thing again. No pain and no swelling. I also have no more pain going down stairs. The picture I have enclosed was taken on day 4 and I already could get the knee past 90 degrees. I can't say enough about what a great experience this was and the professionalism of Doctor MacGillivray and his staff. They were great and also Hospital for Special Surgery is second to none and in my mind is the model of what all Hospitals should emulate. They were fantastic the day of surgery. I had constant attention and they knew just how to handle a patient new to surgery. Thank you Doctor M and staff and Hospital for Special Surgery.