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Thomas Lamia

South Bristol, ME

I live on a saltwater farm in coastal Maine. There are many physically demanding activities involved in tending, enjoying and confronting the elements and the seasons. For many years, among my seasonal chores has been the hauling of a small wooden boat from a pond and lifting it onto a platform on which it can winter over. In the fall of 2014, in lifting this boat, I partially ruptured the distal biceps tendon in my right arm. There was pain that gradually dissipated, but the arm did not regain strength. I travelled to New York to see Dr. Kang, who had a year earlier surgically repaired my serious carpal tunnel condition. Dr. Kang examined the arm and clearly described treatment options, with surgery being an ultimate possibility. An MRI showed the rupture and surgery seemed the only hope of regaining full use and strength in the arm. Dr. Kang performed the reattachment surgery on January 7, 2015. After two weeks of physical therapy in New York, I returned to snowbound Maine to complete my rehabilitation. The arm is now all the way back. I did hire a handyman to haul the boat this past fall. My wife insisted.