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Thomas Foley

mahopac, NY
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I injured my right knee tearing my ACL, tear to Medial Meniscus and damaging articular cartilage during a fall. I had two surgeries following the injury to replace ACL, Trim Medial Meniscus and repair (microfracture) damaged articular cartilage. The ACL and meniscus repairs went well but articular cartilage repair was failure. A second surgery to articular cartilage repair using a medically treated donor/processed cartilage failed and resulted in relatively large hole drilled in cartilage/bone where insert was placed at end of my femur. As a result I was relatively limited in activities I could perform and area around cartilage damage would get sore very quickly. I submitted my case to HSS and Dr. Rodeo agreed to review my case and work with me. After strengthening my leg muscles and trying additional PT and review of current MRI Dr. Rodeo knew previous cartilage repair was failed and decided surgery was best option. I had large incision made during surgery and cartilage repair was done with live donor cartilage. Dr. Rodeo and Team at HSS did amazing surgery. After PT and many hours strengthening leg muscles on my own I have returned to many activities such as skiing in Utah, talking long walks, hiking and bicycle riding. I consider my self very fortunate to have been teamed up with Doctor Rodeo and HSS to repair my right knee. I am grateful to Doctor Rodeo each time I am able to go out and perform an activity or help someone who needs a hand. I used to get nervous watching Doctor Rodeo on sideline of New York Giants game before my scheduled surgery because I knew he was great surgeon and did not want to see him get run over trying to watch over every NY giant play :) .