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Thomas Anthony

Albany, NY
  • Thomas Anthony in the photo 1

Retired firefighter due to a torn PCL and MCL. Had my first surgery in 2002 by Dr. Russell Warren to repair the PCL, second surgery in 2003 to repair the MCL, and a Mosiacplasty.

I first saw Dr. Gonzalez Della Valle in January due to the severe pain that was gradually becoming worse since 2005. The pain along with instability, edema, and decreased motion it was decided it was time for a TKR.

The surgery was in March 2015 and the pain has decreased significantly, and I am now able to return to a sport I greatly enjoy with no pain or discomfort. My overall quality of life has returned to almost normal as it was before the injury. I can not express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the care and services that was provided to me by Dr. Gonzalez Della Valle, his staff, and all the staff at HSS.