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Therese B.

Larchmont, NY
  • Therese B. in the photo 1

A bicycle accident at the beginning of summer left me with an injured knee. The menisci were broken in several places and MCL and PCL were sprained. Because of COVID-19, it took me a bit longer until I finally had an MRI. And when I finally found my way to HSS and Dr. DiFelice, he explained what he could do in detail and I had a knee arthroscopy shortly after. His staff and everybody at HSS were super professional and it went really well. Three days after my operation I stopped using my crutches and after two weeks I already went back to the gym. I'm so glad I did it and did not wait. I could have survived without doing it but why would I settle for pain and limitations in my knee when I can have it all back? 6 weeks later, everything seems to have healed. It was the second time I had a procedure done at HSS.