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Teresa Sudia

Beachwood, NJ
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I had been struggling with a lot of pain for years due to scoliosis. I had put off having the surgery needed to correct the problem out of complete fear of the outcome. After the pain had become intolerable, I began to seek the right hospital and doctor. I was told by a few surgeons that I was out of their league. My spine had an 83 degree curve and the L4 L5 and S1 were contorted and fused. I virtually had no lumbar. Needless to say this was not a simple surgery. I began my research of HSS and was very impressed. I chose Dr. Kim after meeting him and hearing his expert opinion of what he believed I needed to have done. His confident manner was very reassuring along with his education and experience. Everyone affiliated with the hospital and Dr. Kim and his team treated me as if I was very important. I am extremely happy with the whole experience but especially the outcome. I am 6 months post scoliosis surgery and "back in the game" with no pain. Thank you HSS and Dr. Kim. I feel like a new woman.