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Teresa Josefina Lebron Hernandez

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Teresa Josefina Lebron Hernandez in the photo 1

I have had bunions since I was a teenager.  In spite of being very big, they had never hurt.  One day my right foot started to hurt and it turned out my toe had subluxated.  I went on the HSS website and I liked Dr. Levine’s profile.  Since I live outside of the U.S., I requested that he operate on both feet, and he had to do several surgeries.  I spent two months without being able to walk.  The surgery was in July, and after 5-6 months of therapy, I felt fully recovered, dancing salsa and merengue with medium and high-heeled shoes. I am happy with Dr. Levine’s perfect work, with his assistant Jadira Paneto and his whole team.  Very professional and caring, and I have recommended several friends to him.  Thank you very much Dr. Levine!!

He tenido juanetes (bunions) desde que era teenager. Jamas me dolieron a pesar de ser muy grandes. Un dia empezo a doler el derecho y es que un dedo se sub luxo. Acudi al HSS y me gusto el CV de Dr Levine. Como vivo fuera de USA pedi que hiciera los dos pies. Tuvo que hacer varias cirugias. Dos meses sin poder caminar. La cirugia fue en julio y despues de 5-6 meses de terapia me senti completamente recuperada, bailando salsa y merengue en zapatos de altura mediana/alta. Estoy feliz con el trabajo perdecto de Dr. Levine, con Jadira Paneto su asistente y todo su grupo de trabajo. Muy profesionales y afectuosos y he recomendado a varias amigas para que lo visiten. Muchas gracias Dr. Levine!!