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Teresa Dolan

Islip, NY
  • Teresa Dolan in the photo 1

The pain and mobility decline from over 15 years of progressive osteoarthritis began to severely limit my activities about three years ago. Both knees and hips were affected I started to walk with a distinct limp to accommodate.

Weddings holidays and even grocery shopping were all affected. I became concerned while holding babies for fear of falling. I required so much help to get through holiday preparations I felt guilty always depending upon others to help.

I’ve had steroid and gel injections that no longer helped me and I was told I needed new knees and at least a new left hip.

I was concerned and scared at the prospect then a friend had her knee replaced by Dr. Elizabeth Gausden at HSS. She made a great recovery and was so happy with Dr. Gausden and her team. She also had a friend who had his hip replacement by Dr. Gausden and he did fantastic. I started to have some hope about my own situation.

I made my appointment and I was so impressed by everyone involved. Dr. Gausden, Hayden (her PA), Kenya (her assistant) and Samantha Taylor (her coordinator) were professional and caring.

I’m very happy to report that I am two months post-op from a left anterior hip replacement. I’m doing so well with walking stairs and going into the grocery store amongst many other activities. That awful arthritic pain that cause so many sleepless nights is gone.

I’ve already scheduled my left knee replacement for January 2023 in the hopes for more improvement with pain and mobility. I’m hopeful for the future and the prospect of enjoying grandchildren, the holidays and just living. If you’re unsure about the process at least make an appointment and see what options there are it can’t hurt and it may help you like it did me.