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Terence O’Loughlin

Nanuet, NY
  • Terence O’Loughlin in the photo 1

During the summer of Terence’s senior year, he was diagnosed with OCD of the knee after bone became dislodged and needed emergent surgery to unlock his knee. We were told that OCD was not common and the local doctors prepared Terry with the fact that his athletic career was over. Our local doctor did research and he located Dr. Riley Williams and made an appointment for us. Terry was not weight bearing, very depressed and had not smiled all summer. In August, we met Dr. Williams who had already review surgery notes, x-rays, scans and reports. Dr. Williams gave us hope. He told Terry to get rid of the crutches and start doing exercises to build up his legs. He explained that there were 2 surgery options that would be determined by an MRI. The office scheduled the MRI for that afternoon and the next day surgery was scheduled for the middle of the month.

Autologous Osteochondral Transfer (Autolgous Mosaicplasty) was performed and Terry was able to weight bear on the way out of the hospital. We made a video to give thanks to HSS and Dr. Williams.