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Teddy Leavy

Huntington, NY
  • Teddy Leavy in the photo 1
  • Teddy Leavy in the photo 2

At the first soccer game of the spring season last year, I headed down the field to defend the ball, planted my left foot, spinned to the right and down I went with a tibia tublical fracture. I knew when I hit the ground, the injury was serious. Drs. Peter Fabricant and Mark Drakos performed the surgery to repair the fracture and reconnect ligaments within a week and by the end of the summer, I was back on the soccer field and ready to defend. My true love is wrestling and although I missed my whole season due to the fracture last year, I was able to train hard and placed high enough to compete in the Catholic High School States tournament. Although it was hard to miss my entire season of wrestling last year, the loss taught me about how to overcome challenges and reshape that negativity into a positive goal - such as securing a spot at the high school state level!