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Ted Miller

Huntington, NY
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HSS has literally put me back together time and time again! I have a lifetime of basketball wear and tear, which adds up to muscle and tendon failures that would not occur on anyone that is not a professional or lifelong athlete. In 2008, I had my left shoulder muscle ribbon off of the bone. It was a constant pain that I played through for years and ignored until one day it all came undone! No movement, frozen shoulder!! Dr. Allen and HSS was recommended after I told a friend that my current doctor wanted to do a Frankenstein-like cut across my shoulder and down the shoulder blade. HSS anchored and sewed me back together through tiny incisions that were barely noticeable afterwards; and I regained 100 percent mobility!!

Next time up was January 2017, My left triceps tore completely off the elbow in a freak accident! This time, I knew to go directly to Dr. Allen and HSS for repair. It was a difficult situation that they handled with ease. They had to place anchors and secure the muscles and tendons back into place. Once again, 100 percent mobility was achieved after physical therapy.

Fast forward to February 2018, and the right rotor cuff completely ruptures and basketball is the culprit yet again. Not only was it ruptured and displaced, but there were bone spurs present in the joint too. Dr. Allen and HSS come to the rescue one more time. It was a difficult repair that he gave me a 50-50 chance for full recovery on ahead of time as I am no longer a youth with their greater recuperative powers. Well I believe in the powers of HSS and after grueling therapy we achieved full recovery. I owe the retaining of my active lifestyle to this great doctor and hospital. They treat you with respect and great care.

Footnote: April of 2019, I made it 3 years in a row! My left Achilles decided to give up the fight and snapped. Just one month after I started working out again, I was back to HSS. We are all in awe that this has happened, but I can happily report that I am put back together again and I will be Back in the Game as long as HSS is here to put me back together again!